Mitsuro Hikime


Traditional organic Japanese wax for jewelry artists and other creatives

The number one source of Mitsuro Hikime world wide.

Based on ancient traditions

Mitsuro Hikime -- 蜜蝋引き目 -- has been around for centuries, enjoyed by jewelry artists and jewelry lovers all across Japan. You might know it as taffy wax or golden kitsune wax. Our wax blocks were created from organic ingredients using authentic recipes and we trust you will put them into good use in your next creative project!




The best way to master mitsuro hikime is to learn from the best!

One-on-one online classes and workshops are offered by mitsuro hikime extraordinaire Anna Zeibig. Contact her directly to schedule a 1-hour or 2-hour session, beginners and experienced jewellers are all welcome!

In-person classes are regularly taught at Jewellery workshops Amsterdam too. Check out their website for dates and info on their classes! The tutors are jewellery designers Sophia Zobel and Lieselot Versteeg!

Both online and in-person classes are held at Silvera Jewelry School in Berkeley, California. Joe Silvera has 20+ years of experience in teaching the craft of jewelry art, check their website for their class schedule!

In-person classes in Sydney, Australia at The Bench Jewellery School & Workshop, the brainchild of hilariously funny jewelry artist Erin Keys. Check the website for details and upcoming class schedule!

In-person classes are regularly organized in Glasgow, UK at Vanilla Ink Studios by mitsuro hikime expert Lorna Romanenghi.

In-person classes are also often held in Madrid, Spain at Studio Squina, check the website for up to date information on their class schedule! The main tutor is renowned jewelry artist Calixto Sanchez.

If you speak Japanese in-person classes by Tomoyas & Co. in Tokyo are the absolute best choice for you. Get in touch either via one of their instagram pages or the other!


Haven't used Mitsuro Hikime Wax before?

A short introduction by Brianne Sheridan from Geralyn Sheridan Designs.


Want to know more?

A much longer, detailed, technical description by Susan Zeiss as published by SNAG news.


Mitsuro Hikime tutorials

We've collected instructional videos and tutorials on instagram using the hashtag #mitsurohikimetutorial to get you started quickly. For further tips and ideas check out our recurring mitsuro inspiration of the day series!


Jewelry ideas

There are lots of jewelry ideas making the rounds on pinterest, this is a pretty cool list, and so is this one from EG Speiser Jewelry!


Mitsuro Jewelry

Absolutely stunning pieces by Marion Lebouteiller on her instagram feed.


More Mitsuro Jewelry

Be sure to check out the beautiful creations of Liz Oppenheim and Alastair Crombie for further Mitsuro Hikime taffy wax inspiration!
Our facebook page also features amazing mitsuro artists from around the world!